PPN Porsche remote support ticket

Important: We support Porsche full series online jobs using PIWIS. For PPN remote programming, we use only the Porsche original PT3G VCI or PT3G E VCIv2 and PIWIS tester with admin access. If you're using cloned tools or a 3rd-party VCI interface that doesn't support PPN online jobs, understand that we charge per time login support using PayPal secure online prepaid. No refunds are offered for cloned tools, system software, used spare parts, wiring diagrams, or internet connection issues.
Porsche original solutions for the entire series including PPN login online assistance.
Please list particular Porsche jobs for PPN login remote support from us, such as car year models, car status, and whether old or new replacement parts were replaced. The status of the vehicle's key, etc.
Always suggested for Porsche PPN programming jobs is the Porsche original VCI.
Please provide us your PIWIS3 software system information, like VCI type, version No., open system, VMware version, duplicated system, original system, admin access which allow you to import the PPN license or not?

3 Ways to Help PPN Porsche Online

Expert PPN Porsche

OEM Way dealer based PPN Porsche remote support include VCI and PIWIS System, support Porsche full series diagnosis coding programming.

Starting at $150 / per time

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Master Port Forwarder

Users with multiple copies of PIWIS or older versions that don’t support PPN and special coding or programming needed.

  • Smooth network speed
  • Original PT3G or PT3G E VCI v2 is required.
  • Normal Windows Laptop
  • Part of Porsche coding support

Starting at $150 / per time

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Beginner SmartLink C

For car owners or users with cloned PT3G VCI or aftermarket 3rd party interface, no PIWIS system, nor old duplicated PIWIS software.

  • Smooth network speed
  • Launch SmartLink C
  • Limited Porsche coding support
  • Low demands

Starting at $150 / per time

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